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Speed Door

Auto Repairing Type Speed Door

    • Stability
      In the event of a vehicle crash, the door restores automatically to minimize damage.
    • Hermeticity
      By minimizing the gap between the door sheet and the rail track, indoor pollution due to inflow of outside air is relatively low.
    • Counterbalance
      Since it is not gravity, it operates smoothly without noise and abnormal operation when driven.
    • Safety
      There is no risk of accidental fall, and you can avoid serious damage even if you crash when you descend.
Product Blueprint
    Product Specifications
    Category Specifications
    Door Curtain Soft PVC + Fabric 0.9T - transparent window: PVC transparent 2.0T Flexible PVC
    Motor Geared motor (0.75~2.2Kw)
    Door Rail AL extrudate + UHMWPE
    Open(Max) - 2.0m/sec
    Close(Max) 一 2.0m/sec
    Detection Loop, Remote Control, infrared, etc. available for selection
    Cover SUS hairline (1.2T) - stainless steel plated.2T)
    Sheet Comparison
    Thickness 0.9mm 2.0mm
    Flame Resistance Grade 1 None
    Advantages Softness and degree of utilization Less creasing
    Disadvantages Can be damaged by sharp objects Hardens in low temperatures
    Weight 1kg/㎡ 2kg/㎡
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