Automation of Industrial / Industrial Doors




  • Established SF Co., Ltd.


  • Obtained orders for doors, etc. for primary construction in LGD factory in Haiphong, Vietnam
  • (SPD-60, STD-50, dock leveler-10, fireproof shutter-80, AL shutter-10)
  • Obtained orders for broad-type doors for Daelim Paper Osan Factory
  • Installation of speed doors and hygiene devices for new Kidari Foods factory in Daejeon (Sintanjin) Factory 2
  • Installation of speed doors for HanilCan Company Eumsung factory expansion
  • Installation of shutters in KB Autosys brake factory in Asan
  • Installation of high-speed automatic doors in automated warehouses for CJ CheilJedang Busan factory
  • Installation of roll-up doors for new coating glass device (#2) for KCC Yeoju factory
  • Installation of speed doors for automated factory construction in new Humedix factory in Jecheon
  • Obtained orders for speed doors for new PD product automated warehouse for S-Oil Onsan factory
  • Obtained orders for specialized doors for new Osan Jinwi distribution center for LG Innotech
  • 100 units of specialized doors for expansion of Toray Battery factory in Gumi
  • Obtained orders for new construction of Sidiz distribution warehouse in Gimpo Gocheon (10 speed doors)
  • Installation of clean room in HB Technology Factory Two in Pungse, Cheonan
  • Expansion of Soulbrain factory in Gongju (10 shutters, speed doors)


  • Distribution warehouse for SERVEONE (Vietnam corporate body) (50 dock levelers, stacking doors)
  • LG Display Vietnam corporate body (150 speed doors, stacking doors; 30 dock levelers)
  • Expansion of Toray Battery factory in Gumi (120 speed doors, shutters)
  • KB Autosys factory in Asan (50 OHD, speed doors, shutters)
  • Precision parts for Parkwon, Jecheon (40 speed doors)
  • LOTTE Fine Chemical factory in Ulsan (5 speed doors)
  • Orion Confectionery distribution warehouse in Iksan (10 lift conveyors)
  • Korea Transportation Safety Authority Gangnam center (10 stacking doors)
  • Chuncheon local food center (15 OHD, dock sills)
  • Gyeonggi Environment & Energy (10 large doors-10*10)
  • Sejong KCC factory (50 shutters, speed doors)
  • Myung-Il foam factories in Jincheon, Seongju (20 speed doors)
  • Gangnam Police Station, Seo-Daegu Police Station (5 OHD, speed doors)
  • Saerom Food (10 speed doors)
  • Dalim Biotech (Hyundai Movex) (15 speed doors, air showers)
  • Disinfecting facilities all over the country (30 speed doors)
  • Daiso Busan hub distribution center (300 units including OHD, speed doors, dock levelers, dock sills, etc.)
  • Emart Wolgye (10 speed doors)


  • Dalim Biotech Chungju (10 speed doors, 2 air showers)
  • LG Chemicals in Nanjing, China (4 sets of dock systems)
  • Reyon Pharmaceutical Chungju (54 speed doors, 10 air showers)
  • David Cosmetics Incheon (5 speed doors, 4 shutters)
  • Daewoong Bio Hwasung (5 speed doors, 5 air showers)
  • Enveco Cosmetics Gimpo (5 speed doors, 4 air showers)
  • GC Pharma Ochang (34 speed doors)
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